Reclaimed Flannel Rags - 25lb Box

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Reclaimed Flannel Rags – 25lb Box


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SellarsĀ® Reclaimed Flannel Rags 25lb box # 99207


All-purpose multi-colored, thick, soft (non-abrasive) woven fabric rag; very absorbent.

Often preferred for heavy duty industrial, shop and auto applications.

Contains recycled flannel material from pajamas, shirts, sheets, or similar flannel apparel.

Economical solution for lubricant clean up as well as polishing automotive finishes, metals and delicate surfaces.

Light weight: you receive more pieces per weight than with heavier weight rags.

Rags are cut to wiper size with zippers and buttons removed.

Boxes contain rags of varying sizes, types and composition within each fabric family.

Less expensive than rental rags or paper wipers.