Reclaimed Colored Fleece Rags 25lb Box

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ReClaimed Colored Fleece Rags – 25LB Box



  • Part # 99201
  • Sold By The Weight
  • Reclaimed¬†multi-colored fleece wiping cloths
  • Less expensive than rental or paper wipers
  • Rags are cut to wiper size with buttons and zippers removed
  • Economical for uses with grease, oil, dirt, cement, grime, etc.
  • Contains recycled material from sweatshirts, sweatpants or similar fleece apparel
  • Often preferred for heavy duty and general shop and maintenance applications including larger jobs
  • Ideal for auto shops, chemical plants, heavy equipment, industrial plants, janitorial, machine shops and oil fields
  • Fleece rags tend to have a smooth jersey texture on one side with a fluffier ‘downy” style texture on the reverse, material is soft
  • Boxes contain rags of varying sizes, type and composition within each fabric family